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Application to Serve as Appointed Counsel

Attorney Appointments

Pursuant to Loc.App.R. 46(B), the Eighth District Court of Appeals maintains an appointed counsel list for indigent persons for appeals concerning criminal convictions, juvenile delinquencies, and the termination of parental rights. If interested in being added to the appointment list, you must be a licensed Ohio attorney in good standing with the Ohio Supreme Court. The applicant must also submit a resume and a completed “Application to Serve” form. If more information is needed, the applicant will be contacted by the court.

The Application to Serve as Appointed Counsel sets forth the various appeals for which appointments are made by the court. Included in the form is a certification that must be signed by the applying attorney stating that the attorney is in compliance with OAC 120-1-10 for the type of cases that the attorney has indicated he or she wishes to be considered for appointment. View the qualifications under OAC 120-1-10.

The Application To Serve Form can be sent to the court either by email to or by mail to:

Mary Pat Horwitz
Administrative Counsel/Conference Attorney
8th District Court of Appeals
Room 202
1 Lakeside Avenue Cleveland, Ohio 44113

For any questions, please contact Mary Pat Horwitz at (216) 443-6331.

Payment of Fees

In order to receive payment for appellate representation of an indigent client, attorneys must submit an Appellate Counsel Application Fee Form and a Financial Disclosure Form to the court within 30 days after the Court of Appeals issues its decision.