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Judicial Intern/Extern Opportunities

A judicial internship or externship is the opportunity for a law student to work directly with a judge, usually in exchange for credit hours toward the student’s law degree. In some instances, interns/externs are compensated instead of receiving credit hours. Such compensation is provided by sources outside of the court. These kinds of compensation arrangements are the sole responsibility of the intern/extern. Duties may include: reviewing files, records, transcripts and documents; performing legal research; preparing memoranda and draft opinions. Intern/extern opportunities are available at the Eighth District Court of Appeals on a “space available” basis. Generally, interns/externs are expected to be second or third year law students. There are several ways to apply for an intern/extern position at the Eighth District Court of Appeals:

  1. Apply through the placement office at your law school;
  2. Apply through a local bar association program; or
  3. Apply directly to a judge on the court.