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There are two public entrances to the Old Courthouse, and both require screening:

  • The main entrance in the front of the building off Lakeside Avenue.
  • Entrance from the Huntington Garage. This entrance is also accessible by elevator from any level of the garage.

If the elevator is out of order and you need special assistance, please call (216) 443-7628. A deputy sheriff will greet you at the west side entrance of the building where there is a wheelchair ramp.

Please read the court’s security advisement prior to visiting the court.


The Huntington Parking Garage
This garage is located immediately behind the Old Courthouse and has direct access to the building. You may enter the garage from either Lakeside Avenue or West 3rd Street. Public parking is limited to available spaces found on levels one (surface lot), two, and three.

Warehouse District Parking
This is a large parking lot off of West 3rd and Summit, just north of Lakeside Avenue. The entrance is under the Shoreway. You will need to walk a few blocks, but the cost is relatively low. There are also a number of public parking garages downtown within a few blocks of the Old Courthouse.

RTA and Trolleys
If you prefer to take public transportation, check out the link for RTA route information: Also, if you choose to park farther from the Old Courthouse, RTA provides free trolley service around downtown Cleveland. See map of trolley stops.